ICMP statement on EC's Intellectual Property Package

The European Commission yesterday published its so-called Intellectual Property (IP) package, which includes new guidance on the application of the 2004 Directive on the enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPRED).

While ICMP sees this package as a step in the right direction as it aims to aid member states in their interpretation of the Directive while providing legal clarity, we are nevertheless disappointed as it falls short of a legislative overhaul.

Soft law is certainly not enough for rightsholders to take effective action against theft.

We believe that crucial IP enforcement issues require concrete legislation, offering a legal framework that is fit and proper for the digital age, notably by ensuring efficient injunctions and appropriate damages for rightsholders.

We will therefore continue our efforts in this regard, while working closely with member states to ensure the robust and consistent implementation of existing enforcement rules.

Below is letter which has been signed by ICMP other stakeholders, raising our concerns about the latest legislative solutions on IPRED: