Kramm vs GEMA: music publishers breathe a sigh of relief

The law concerning the so-called publisher`s share was passed yesterday evening in the German parliament. This means that there is now a legal basis for music publishers to receive a share of the monies German collecting management organisation (CMO) GEMA collects.  

In November, the Higher Regional Court of Justice in Berlin had ruled that GEMA was not entitled to distribute royalties to music publishers as the CMO’s distribution rules did not sufficiently take into account the flow of rights or the provisions of individual publishing contracts.  

“We are extremely relieved that the German government has corrected the error of this previous ruling. By investing in new songwriters and composers, music publishers have for years played a key role in the development of new creative talent in Germany and across Europe. This law will ensure that publishers can continue doing so and that culture will continue to thrive,” said ICMP Director General Coco Carmona.

ICMP would like to congratulate our German member DMV for its tireless work with the German government on this matter.